TimeLock Contract
We have just officially deployed our Timelock for our MasterChef. Ownership of CAKF Token has been transferred to MasterChef Contract then Ownership of MasterChef contract has been transferred to Timelock Contract to assure High Level of Security & Transparency.
Timelock Contact owns MasterChef which owns CAKF Token. Timelock is set at 24 hours.β€Œ
High Level of Secure Introduced by this Timelock Contract:-β€Œ
1) We will not be able to do any changes to MasterChef parameters without waiting for 24 hours.β€Œ
2) Transaction for any change in MasterChef parameters will be publicly viewable on BscScan. Through TimeLock contract you can see all the future transactions that we are going to make or changes before 24 hours from the time of execution. This way you will be aware of all our activities in advance.β€Œ
The Timelock is the last missing cog in the system of keeping your assets safe from any possible misuse.β€Œ
We hope now you can understand that we are so serious about the security of our project & user's assets in PancakeFork Finance.β€Œ
We have also Locked Liquidity for 12 Months.
Last modified 4mo ago
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