No RugPull as Migrator Code is Removed & Liquidity Locked

The Migrator Code has been removed from our MasterChef contract. There is no way for us to do a RugPull. Your funds are always safe.

PancakeFork Finance is forked from PancakeSwap but we have removed the dangerous Migrator code from our contract. Because of that Migrator code, PancakeSwap admin can withdrawal all user's funds from the Contact. Although they might not do it, But you can see the following Migrator Code is still Present in PancakeSwap contract and this code was used by other projects for rug pulls. You can see the following code is still present in PancakeSwapโ€™s contract-

โ€‹But we have Removed that Migrator code from our contract so your funds are always Safe & Secure.

Also, all contract are pre Audited by leading Blockchain Security Farmโ€‹

Smart contracts were deployed after fixing all security perimeter as per Security Audit Farm ( So everything is fully safe & secure. (Click Here to check Audit Report)

Liquidity Locked for 12 Months:

Initial Token was used to Provide Liquidity & liquidity has been Locked for 12 Month using Unicrypt LP Locker Service. You can check Locked Liquidity here-